Diedericks/Faber Fine Art

Daya Heller’s debut solo exhibition evokes integration of the dualistic human condition. The work explores the basic essential binary that all life is based on, and the experiential moment where polarities reunite and two become one.
Dualities of masculine / feminine, cycles of life and death, the physical and spiritual mortal experience are explored in mediums of sculpture, drawing and painting.
The human form is opened, revealing internal and external realities, confronting the viewer with a visceral experience of being present in one’s own corporeal frame, returning consciousness to the sacred body.
The ancient archetypes of Eros – the ecstatic spirit of nature, and Logos – the divine animating principle, merge in harmonious union.

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Quote from: ‘The Rise of Logos and Fall of Eros’, by Dirk Dunbar:
“Eros and Logos belong together. They are, I believe, the closest that we in the West have come to conceptualizing universally opposed, yet balanced principles such as yin and yang. …Eros is nature’s animating force that is experienced ecstatically, whereas Logos is the divine mind and transcendent spirit that gifts us with reason.
…Eros, originally regarded as a divinely consummate force of nature, has been relegated to the realm of the erotic. …The Greek terms “theos” and “enthousiamos,” help distinguish Logos and Eros. “Theos” is the word for “God.” “Theology” refers to the study of God through reason, which presupposes a rational approach to understanding divinity as separate from creation. Enthousiasmos (translatable as “in-god-ness”) relates to Dionysian ecstasy and means “filled with theos.”
As Logos decrees a divine mind as the driving force behind natural law and upholds the boundaries between God and humans, Eros proclaims the divine being within nature and encourages the union of the self and the sacred. …Eros the cosmic force was transmuted into a human desire that is merely sexual or “erotic.” That transmutation signals a maligned relationship with the natural world. “When we limit ‘erotic’ to its sexual meaning, we betray our alienation from the rest of nature. We confess that we are not motivated by anything like the mysterious force that moves birds to migrate or dandelions to spring.”